Patchwork Crèche Guidelines

- A parent/carer responsible for a child in crèche must stay in the centre at all times.

- Please let the Patchwork Health Host (in main hall) know that you have a child in the crèche.

- We request a suggested donation of £2:50 towards crèche costs, but if this is prohibitive or difficult to meet it does not need to be paid. This money should go to our Health Host (in main hall).

- Please pass on any dietary requirements, nappy changing preferences or toileting needs to the crèche workers.

- If the crèche is full parents and carers may be approached and asked if they could allow others to utilise the service. A time slot system may be put in place. Priority will go to families using Patchwork Health (as sometimes the crèche is used by others if quiet).

- This crèche is provided as a small community service to help families spend quality time with their babies and each other. It is staffed by approved childcare workers but not registered with the care commission. The Patchwork Committee are responsible for overseeing this service.