Guidelines for Crèche Use


Please note that crèche facilities are available for Patchwork EH32 Health users on Tuesday Mornings at The Pennypit Centre.

Terms/priority of use:

  1. Parents must be a user of Patchwork Health
  2. Your child must be registered with the crèche, you will need to bring your child’s birth certificate and complete registration forms prior to their first session. Pop into the crèche to get a form.
  3. The children of the volunteers who are helping with the running of the session may be placed in crèche for the time their parent is on rota.
  4. Parents of a baby with an older pre-school sibling may place the older child in crèche to allow them to spend time with the infant in the Patchwork Health Session.
  5. Parents who wish to talk to the Health Visitor in private or who are attending a workshop run by Patchwork.
  6. At times, when the crèche is quiet it may be possible for those using the Health Session to take a place to help their baby develop independence from the parents/carers. This is only possible if it is not prohibiting the above uses, please check availability with the crèche staff.

When the session is busy, the crèche staff may be required to limit the time available to each child, to 30 minutes or an hour. They will prioritise the children as per the terms of use above.

It is worth noting that Puffin Playgroup is available within the Pennypit Centre for children 2 years and older. If you are interested in finding out more, a registration form can be obtained from the office. You can attend Patchwork Health Session with your baby while your older child attends Puffins.

Patchwork EH32 also runs their Play Session for 0-5 years, with a dedicated baby area at Prestonpans Community Centre on a Wednesday morning, 10-12pm.


PATCHWORK EH32 and the Pennypit Crèche Staff appreciate if all parents could adhere to the crèche guidelines, thank you.